Aircraft Carpets

jetMohawk woven nylon carpet is the industry gold standard in commercial aviation carpeting and can be offered to exceed the requirements of Airbus specification ABD0031 low smoke and toxic gas emissions. It is used on over half the passenger aircraft in the world because it typically lasts 4 times longer than wool and has an average service life of 1-2 years in the center aisles and 2-4 years under seats. Not only will it reduce spending on carpet, it also drastically reduces the maintenance costs associated with removal, cutting, surging, and refitting.

It is easier to clean and dries much quicker than wool.

It retains its colour much better than wool.

It does not produce fluff.

It contains carbon and is much more static resistant than wool

It is much less prone to matting and flattening than wool.

It provides the passenger with a cleaner brighter cabin indicating good standards.

It looks like wool.

It is 100% recyclable.


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